Delivery In Full, On Time, In Spec … that’s what we do.

I’m lucky enough to travel frequently and get the chance to meet people who are genuinely interested in what we do, where we operate and how we manufacture new parts.

The reality is that we are blessed to have (one of the company directors say’s “smart enough to have”) a small group of committed professionals who have a combined 90+ years of casting, metallurgy, design, machining and QA experience.

We always say these guys are the “X Factor” in our business and frequently this is proved to be correct. Recently the team undertook the tooling design & production, casting & QA testing of a brand new engine cylinder head for the USA market.

Working against an extremely tight time line, making one of the most difficult automotive parts, they quickly established a focused team with the local workers at our partner foundry in Bangkok, and worked up to 18 hours a day to get the project completed.

The outcome was the best cylinder head in 20+ years of castings heads, all quality standards were met, the local team learned so much, and the team came in 4 days ahead of schedule.

Delivery In Full, On Time, In Spec…that’s what we do.