Quality Control

“Every detail has to be checked, every time. The chemistry, the pouring time, temperatures . . . the whole methodology of the process has to be repeated exactly the same way.”

Our robust quality control procedures are a result of a dual strategy: only work with foundries that have demonstrated a commitment to world-class quality, many of them ISO accredited, and then employ people with the expertise to make sure the foundries meet that expectation. And underpinning this strategy for consistent, reliable delivery of product that meets specification is an extensive series of checks and testing, conducted both online and in-person.

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Huge experience is devoted to checking every detail

Our in-house quality assurance professionals can generally point to over 30 years’ experience, so they know what to look out for. Everything is checked, nothing is accepted as being correct unless it has been checked.

From the start, the foundries will have been assessed for their capabilities, and they will only be allocated projects that they are equipped to meet. Our casting professionals will be on the ground, in the foundry, looking over the preparations for a project, setting the expectations and detailing the testing that’s going to be carried out.

Our 6-step commitment to quality control

Step 1

All foundries must pass our stringent evaluation criteria, including ISO 9001 accreditation, before they qualify for inclusion as a foundry partner.

Step 2

We follow a rigorous product on-boarding process to ensure that every detail of a customer’s project is thoroughly understood.

Step 3

All records including raw material certificates, daily melt and pouring records, chemistry, nodularity, tensile and hardness results are uploaded by our foundries to Ironbooks* for PPC staff to approve prior to product being processed.

Step 4

Post production inspections are carried out at the foundry to ensure that the product meets all design and production criteria.

Step 5

Rigorous monthly inspections (planned and surprise) are conducted by PPC’s staff.

Step 6

Final inspections of finished products are carried out at our Asia Distribution Hub in Singapore. This is also where final assembly and packaging is carried out.


Much of the testing is done on-site, as casting is a highly repeatable process, once all the process standards and checks are in place the desired outcome is consistently achieved.

Pour temperatures, materials and calibration are all investigated. Then, once the production runs starts, streams of data are uploaded on a daily basis to measure every factor. These results are reviewed and approved every day, and a dossier compiled that will accompany our casting expert on his return visit.


A final check is conducted at our warehousing and dispatch facility in Singapore. Castings produced by our foundry partners pass through here, and it’s where any last details, such as post casting assembly or product finishing, are inspected to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


The quality assurance procedures instituted by Precision Performance Castings have set the benchmark for casting quality. Our Customer Casting reject rate of just 0.001% is an outstanding testament to that commitment.

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*Ironbooks, which is the proprietary software solution we use to record all projects, catalogues every facet of a project. This online solution holds all testing records, batch and version identities, design details and much more in a secure online location. Precision Performance Castings has drawn on extensive experience to ensure that Ironbooks record keeping is compliant with international best practice, and provides 24/7 customer access to project records via a secure online portal.

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