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Great people, with extensive experience across all foundry processes and methodologies are at the core of PPC’s service offering.

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It is their insight, commitment to quality and ability to judge the capabilities of various foundries that guarantee a successful casting project.

They’re great travellers too, spending much of their time on the ground, checking on projects with our foundry partners and sharing their extensive knowledge, to ensure that every casting is worthy of a world-class team.

Glen Morrison

Chief Executive Officer

Glen believes there is no substitute for checking the facts on the ground for yourself, and over 45 foundry visits throughout Southeast Asia in three years attest to that commitment.

His background in mechanical engineering makes him well-suited to evaluating the design requirements of a project, and whether a foundry will have the necessary capabilities to meet the requirements of a particular casting task. Customers with demands for exacting detail and high tolerances will also gain welcome confidence from Glen’s unerring eye for detail.

Kannan Marannan - Our People

Kannan Marannan

Metallurgist/ Quality Manager

Kannan draws on nearly 30 years’ experience in the industry, overseeing the casting of everything from automotive components weighing a couple of grams, through to ship engines weighing in at a mammoth 40,000 kgs.

As one of PPC’s on-location experts he’s witnessed significant growth in foundry capability in Southeast Asia. High-end mould technology from Denmark is now standard in many of the foundries Kannan visits, ensuring that the technological resources are available to deliver product quality that’s equal to the world’s best.

Phil Wetere

Foundry and Production Manager

‘Wets’, as he’s known to the team, is another casting expert with nearly 30 years’ experience and plenty of travel miles to his name. In the last 12 months he’s personally overseen projects at nine foundries across Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

With this extensive knowledge of our foundry partners, he’s often called on for the ‘difficult’ jobs. One recent example was a highly complex casting for a cylinder head that needed producing in just one week from receipt of the designs. By leveraging our strong relationships with foundry owners, and working day and night with the foundry teams he got the job done – on time, to spec.

Phil Wetere - Our People
Phil Robinson - Our People

Phil Robinson

Design and Tooling Manager

Phil has been designing tooling for almost 40 years, and for the vast majority of this time he has been focussed on foundry castings. Phil is an engineer at heart, with a passion for ‘making things’, and a commitment to helping our customers obtain better results through his insight and expertise. One area of particular interest to Phil (at work or home) is anything ‘automotive’. He has been helping his friends build hot rod’s since 1985, built his own ‘32 Hi Boy Roadster, and is currently rebuilding a 1989 Silverado 1500.

Raul Fortunato

Inventory Manager

Raul’s role as Inventory Manager is pivotal to our aim of adding value to every stage of our relationship with customers. It’s Raul who ensures the smooth and efficient integration of product supply through PPC, and he has spent a great deal of time at our ADH facility in Singapore looking after the details that make a difference. Meeting customer deadlines, forecasting stocks for clients, and coordinating product delivery to Europe and the USA, are weekly tasks for Raul.

With a senior background in Operations Management throughout Southeast Asia, he’s highly experienced and has demonstrated an ability to identify important production factors for our customers. His knowledge is pivotal in highlighting lead-time and minimum ordering requirements, how cost savings can be realised and materials more efficiently utilised.

Raul Fortunato - Our People

Corlika du Plessis

Administration Manager

By her own admission, Corlika lives on the phone, and when that isn’t ringing it’s emails 24/7 from customers in Europe, Asia, South America and the USA. When our customers are under pressure from their customers it’s Corlika that gets the product shipped.

“It’s about making their problem our challenge,” she says tells her team, and that’s a promise she’s uniquely equipped to handle. With a background as a bookkeeper, she draws on detail-checking abilities that bring real capability to a role that is part logistics, part planning and all customer service.

Meet anyone in PPC and they’ll tell you that Corlika is on first-name terms with them; she’s on the phone to our Singapore distribution hub every day, and there’s hardly a department in our organisation that hasn’t been enrolled in her mission to “keep them happy.”

Paul Ayers

Executive Director

“From design to closing the container doors on 20 tonnes of product for the US in just a few months – you’ve got to be great at more than casting to achieve that!”

Adding value to our clients means being more than a supplier of world-class castings, we have to be equally competent in logistics, sales and a half-dozen other disciplines – that’s where Paul comes in.

With senior roles in strategy, business management and consulting, he’s got plenty of experience managing complex manufacturing and supply chains; bringing welcome clarity and confidence to the process. Plus, his military background has proven ideal for anticipating and tackling the challenges that arise from PPC being spread across time zones, currencies and languages.

He also takes a lead role in getting the best from our people. As he puts it: “Our inspectors are travelling Southeast Asia; up close with the foundry work they love. But there’s desk-bound collating of all that info to be done too, and that’s where solid work processes are vital.”

Paul Ayers - Our People

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